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Mums and mums-to-be have a lot to contend with at the moment. Not only are we in the middle of a global pandemic *cannot overstate that enough* but we’re also amidst a cultural shift in self-care products.

When you’re about to be a mum, you want to do everything “perfectly”, right? Perfect parenting. Perfect health. Perfect body. The old-school beauty industry LOVES that you feel this way. It knows exactly the strings to pull to make you feel just that little bit ‘imperfect’. In fact, it perpetuates these feelings. 

The worst part of this, is that the products on offer are often packed with nasty chemicals that make you think, “is this even safe for me and my child?” This makes self care all the more difficult. There’s nothing soothing about putting harsh chemicals on your body, especially when you’re concerned about using the right thing for you and your baby.

We’re changing up the beauty industry to offer women self-care products that support their journeys as mothers, instead of punishing them for it. We make products that are 100% natural, vegan, cruelty free, organic and free from artificial scents and colours. Natural products for natural needs.

NAYDAYA have teamed up with Equi London to bring you some self-care suggestions that won’t have you panicking about harmful ingredients and don’t require your commitment to unattainable perfection. 

Like NAYDAYA, Equi is a kick-ass natural brand that empowers women to feel their best in their own skin. Equi aims to cut through the noise in the beauty and wellness industry to bring you the supplements that the science supports. 

In a new approach to wellness, Equi creates pioneering supplements for all stages in a woman’s life. Like NAYDAYA, they only use pure, premium ingredients with no chemicals or additives, in sustainable packaging.

Our Natural Self-Care Recommendations

Whether you’re pregnant or postpartum or a long-time mum, these treatments will support your self-care naturally and ethically. 

  1. Equi London Pregnancy Formula

All round support to nourish you through your journey of conception, pregnancy and motherhood.

  1. Equi London Pregnancy Fish Oil

Taken daily, this dose of premium omega 3 fish oils is designed to nurture both you and your child (if taking when pregnant).

  1. NAYDAYA Vagina Victory Oil

Your vagina deserves a trophy. During pregnancy and birth, it goes through a lot. VVO is enriched with collagen boosting oil designed for intimate skin. Rich antioxidants, butters and oils help moisturize and protect thin skin, restoring elasticity to vaginal tissue. Used pre & postnatal for perennial massage to improve elasticity, and reduce hormonal dryness. 

  1. NAYDAYA Breast Saviour

Breastfeeding isn’t always a walk in the park. When your nipples are crying out for some TLC, treat them kindly with this lanolin-free pot of goodness. Safe for both you and your baby, Breast Saviour soothes cracked nipples and dry skin with a winning combination of cocoa, coconut, mango butter and Vitamin E. 

  1. NAYDAYA Scar Saviour

Not sure how clean those scar serums actually are? Opt for our Scar Saviour to treat stretch marks and C-section scars with natural goodness. Scar Saviour is the proud winner of the Made for Mums award as well as a Gold Project Baby award. Nurture inflamed skin with powerful plant actives, including turmeric, liquorice and marshmallow root.

There you have it, 2 kick ass brands doing things the natural way, go on treat yourself, you and your body deserve it. 

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