Firm and sculpt your neck with Neck Glory, NAYDAYA’s latest natural elixir

Instantly firm and sculpt loose skin on your neck and décolletage, with Neck Glory, a natural serum containing plant collagen and hyaluronic acid

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So, you’ve been paying vigilant attention to the skin on your face every day, carefully applying serums, oils and SPFs, but your neck doesn’t get a look in. Sound familiar? This is the mistake a whole generation of skincare savvy women are making. We like to call it necklect. We're here all evening, folks.

Why your neck needs special attention

If you feel like your neck is starting to sag more quickly than anywhere else, there’s a good reason for this. The neck and décolletage has thinner skin and fewer oil glands than most other parts of the body. This means that it’s prone to dryness and dehydration. Plus, this area is bombarded with perfumes, chemicals and UV rays.

"Despite the neck and décolletage being some of the skin’s most delicate areas, they’re also easily neglected.” - Fiona Toomey, NAYDAYA Founder

Coupled with all of this, the neck and décolletage is often an area of concern because gravity, inevitably, pulls at our breasts, determined to get us tucking our nipples into our waist bands. This natural force means that delicate skin on the chest often feels like it's drooping southward pretty quickly.

Your neck and chest are pretty much always exposed, and they deserve special care and love.

Neck Glory... let's roll

Like all NAYDAYA elixirs, Neck Glory is purposefully designed to get the job done. None of us have room in our lives (or bathroom cabinets) for sub-standard skincare.

The 2-in-1 sculpting and firming tool, combining the benefits of massage with a science-backed neck cream.

Neck Glory is formulated with collagen-boosting and nourishing ingredients to instantly firm and sculpt the neck, jaw-line and décolletage.

Neck Glory benefits:

  • Helps instantly tighten and smooth loose skin on neck
  • Helps firm and brighten over time, with less sagging and crepiness.
  • Medical grade stainless-steel roller applicator cools and massages skin
  • Formulated with unique, plant-based ingredients 


The benefits of neck massage

Leading skincare experts advocate massage to help support collagen production (the protein in your skin that is responsible for providing elasticity and strength). With a boost in collagen, your skin will look and feel firmer.

Upward strokes with roller can help lift the skin on the neck and upper chest upwards towards the jawline. This motion may help rejuvenate sagging skin, while helping to remove dead cells. Neck muscles can also derive relaxation from massage.

Spotlight: The neck massage roller

We've used a medical-grade stainless steel roller ball to help you benefit from lymphatic massages in a relaxing and soothing way. 

firming neck cream massage roller


The powerhouse ingredients in this innovative neck cream

  • Acacia Collagen PF is a plant-derived substitute for animal collagen that is obtained from Acacia seyal.
  • Matribust is specifically designed and proven to firm and tone neck and décolletage.
  • Hydrolysed hyaluronic acid is a form of hyaluronic acid that has been broken down into smaller molecules. This makes it better able to penetrate the skin and deliver its benefits.
  • Omega 9 Ceramide plant based alternative to collagen, shown in clinical trials to significantly improve skin elasticity and firmness.

daily firming neck massage

How to use Neck Glory

The most effective skincare products are those we use ritualistically. The neck is on show everyday, and therefore deserves your everyday love and attention. 

To incorporate this 2-in-1 neck cream into your daily neck-care routine, simply:

  1. Open the cap
  2. Switch the roller ball to ON
  3. Squeeze a little neck cream onto the roller ball
  4. Massage the roller ball onto your neck and décolletage in upwards motions
  5. Enjoy the cooling, relaxing effect of the stainless steel roller ball.

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