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So, what’s going on?

I’m pregnant

i’m postpartum

i’m menopausal

I’m dry

Pregnancy Heroes

You're growing a tiny human. Our pregnancy safe and 100% natural skincare nourishes and supports you and your changing body. Co-created with leading health experts to prepare you for motherhood.


Postpartum Essentials

You brought a whole new life earth-side. Your body deserves some serious respect. Our nourishing postpartum range includes breast, c-section, and vagina care. Supporting you at every step, and helping you feel a little more like you.


Meet The Saviours

It’s not you, it’s your hormones. But symptoms like hot flashes, brain fog, dry skin, and anxiety get in the way of your greatness. Our innovative range is created by women for women, so you can enjoy your powerful next chapter.


Body Saviours

Infernally itchy, dry or loose skin? Combat hormonal dryness with nature's finest ingredients. Our balms, butters and oils are formulated with 100% natural, fragrance-free and vegan ingredients to soothe your skin and support natural moisture.


Raw, real, unfiltered reviews

Stretch mark glory

"This has been amazing, absolutely bloody amazing on my stretch marks. I had terrible marks after my 2nd baby and nothing helped. Thank you!"

Sarah B. Verified Customer

This oil has changed my life

“The awful burning, itching, dryness, soreness and acute stinging when passing urine has almost gone completely. I cannot thank you enough. I would thoroughly recommend this oil to any lady experiencing the symptoms I have described above. It's an absolute game changer. Thank you again."

Beryl M. Verified Customer

Love this stuff!

"Having had an emergency c-section I had no idea about the ‘c-section pouch’. But it's pretty non existent after a few months of using this balm! My scar also feels great and some stretch marks that appeared around my belly button towards the end of my pregnancy have pretty much gone. I absolutely love this stuff and am soooo grateful to the person that told me about it!"

Jayne Verified Customer

Wouldn't buy anything else

“As a first-time mum I was quite overwhelmed by the choice of products out there for pregnancy skin. I bought lots of different things but as soon as I started using this I ditched the rest! It’s soothing, feels very high quality and leaves my skin feeling amazing. I have no stretch marks at all."

Emma G. Verified Customer

Miracle Oil

“I'm 67 years old, and my skin gets very dry and papery. I cannot believe the difference body blitz oil is making to my skin! My thighs especially are now more smooth and silky than they have been for years. My skin feels hydrated and nourished. Brilliant stuff!"

Annie B. Verified Customer

Wish I'd found it earlier

"Great product. I bought it from a review on Instagram. I’m 8 months post birth and it is amazing for scar massage. It is helping with the tightness and my scar feels so much better after only a month."

Annette M. Verified Customer

Fab product

"This gorgeous oil has been a wonderful answer to the dry itchy skin that the menopause has gifted me! It smells lovely, and is great for using all over."

Sue H. Verified Customer

The only cream that has made a difference

"My stretch marks were sooo bad carrying a big baby. My belly button was completely stretched! This cream has drastically changed the stretch marks. Pretty amazing!"

Nicola H. Verified Customer

Game changer

”It’s genuinely the best product I’ve purchased and used in a long time. My C Section scar is softening, the skin around is more supple, and it’s reducing in size after 10 days of use.”

Pearl B. Verified Customer

Victory over menopause!

"Like a lot of menopausal women I have had difficulty with vaginal dryness and itching. The absolute game changer has been the vagina victory oil as I really have noticed an incredible difference in vaginal moisture and comfort. It feels like normal body lubrication."

Marie-Gabrielle R. Verified Customer

A little miracle in a bottle

"I am post menopausal (61yrs old)I have suffered for over 4 years with soreness and itching. Prescribed creams never gave me the relief that this oil has given me. I was having a particularly bad spell for several weeks and this worked within hours of application."

Beverley C. Verified Customer

Saved my stretch marks

"I started with a few stretch marks on my second pregnancy. As soon as I started using this they reduced down and I’m so grateful for not having many anymore! Definitely magic oil!"

Gemma B. Verified Customer

Grow with each chapter

We’re a community that keeps it honest, we create products with purpose, and we're here to champion every single woman.

50% of the world's population go through life-changing hormonal changes. Our bodies should never be taboo.

We exist because we believe no woman should journey alone.


With over 16 industry awards, our products target the most common and severe hormonal symptoms that affect women from pregnancy to menopause.

Our Bestsellers

Co-created with Experts

All NAYDAYA products are formulated alongside some of the most experienced women’s health practitioners in the UK.

Need support with a hormonal body issue? Our experts are at your disposal.


Downloadable Guides

Navigate womanhood's toughest challenges with free advice from healthcare specialists.

From C-section recovery to menopause wellness, our expert guides were created by women, for women.


Meet our Founder

“I founded NAYDAYA to challenge the taboos and inequalities in women’s health I experienced as a woman, and a new mother. I wanted to create a company that would address everything from pregnancy care to menopause with the same respect and sensitivity we give all other wellbeing necessities.”


Join our Community

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Treat yourself to nature's finest ingredients. Our sets are designed to support women through life's big changes.