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tackling taboo issues like vaginal dryness menopause, menopause and itching and C-section scar recovery
tackling taboo issues like C-section scar recovery, Menopausal vaginal itching and vaginal dryness menopause

Products with purpose

A face lotion and “you’ll get through it” just won't do.

Here at NAYDAYA we create targeted, natural, science-backed wellness options that celebrate, and support your body through all of life’s big changes.

Co-created with some of the most experienced women’s health practitioners in the UK.

A community that keeps it honest

We exist to champion a community that shares, educates, and empowers women to escape the trappings of taboo.

We believe womanhood is a shared experience.

Advice that empowers

Time to work with your hormones, not against them. Knowledge is power, we work with the best women’s health practitioners to support women navigating hormonal changes in every stage of life.


Feel your best at every life stage

The beauty industry has fallen short in catering to women’s evolving needs. Women deserve better.

We exist because we believe no woman should journey alone.

Our Founder

“I founded NAYDAYA as a personal mission to challenge the taboos and inequalities in women’s healthcare. If we can shift the way society thinks about the physical and psychological changes that women go through, we can begin to appreciate them as valuable transitions into newer stages of life.”

-Fiona Toomey

Giving Back

Our founder’s first born son was born 6 weeks early and spent 4 weeks in a neonatal ward. Fiona felt strongly about giving back to a community that had given her so much support during a very difficult time.

Every time you shop with NAYDAYA, we donate 1% to Bliss, a UK charity for babies born too soon, too small, too sick.


Formerly NESSA, after a mythical Irish warrior, NAYDAYA is our brand evolution. Inspired by the words 'Neas', which means Nessa in Irish, and 'Daya' which means goddess, compassion and strength.

Sustainability Pledge

We work hard to infuse sustainability across our full supply chain, from ingredient sourcing and manufacturing, to the delivery services we use.

We believe in local. We manufacture in small batches in England, and we only work with UK suppliers who align with our sustainability values.

Our packaging uses recycled glass, recycled plastic, and biodegradable materials where possible.

We are not perfect, and the cosmetic industry has a long way to go, but we are continuously striving to reduce our carbon footprint and our waste.

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Hero Ingredients

We don’t alter the look, smell or feel of our products. They do their best work naked - perfectly balanced with the right vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties to support your skin in its hour of need.

100% natural. fragrance free. vegan

Packed with fatty acids, it significantly improves skin hydration by providing a barrier allowing the skin to retain moisture and stay supple.

Coconut Oil

An anti-inflammatory, with high levels of Vitamin D, clinical studies show that the botanical hyaluronic acid from the marshmallow plant aids quick healing of wounds and scars.

Marshmallow Root

Turmeric decreasing inflammation, this results in skin healing more quickly. Studies have found that turmeric can positively affect tissue, and collagen production.

Turmeric Root

Rich in omega-9 to deeply hydrate, prevent chafing, and help relieve eczema or psoriasis. Made to comfort and soothe mature and dry skin.

Mango Butter

Potent antioxidant which has powerful anti-ageing and skin-soothing properties, it's a brilliant combatant against hyperpigmentation, liquorice does this by naturally lightening the skin.

Liquorice Root