Your Perimenopause and Menopause Guide

naydaya perimenopause and menopause guide

Menopause matters, and we deserve high quality education to help us thrive in this phase of womanhood. 

In this free downloadable guide, you'll find expert support with:

✔️ The Science of Menopause

✔️ Common Symptoms and Diagnosing Menopause

✔️ Hormone Replacement Therapy and Alternative Treatments

✔️ Exercise, Nutrition and Supplements

✔️ Sex and Relationships during Menopause

✔️ Long-Term Health

✔️ Early Menopause 

✔️ Navigating Menopause in the Workplace

✔️ Skincare during Menopause

From an incredible line up of women's health specialists, including:


  • Dr Shahzadi Harper, Perimenopause Doctor
  • Clare Bourne, Women's Health Physiotherapist
  • Michelle Griffith-Robinson, Olympian and Coach
  • Christian Barnick, Consultant OBGYN
  • Lynda Stretton, Nutritionist
  • Catherine O'Keeffe, Menopause Workplace Consultant
  • Dani Binnington, Menopause and Cancer Patients Advocate
  • Aoife P. Rafter, Reflexologist, Breathwork Coach
  • Cathy Proctor, Volunteer at The Menopause Charity

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