We all need a little TLC from time to time. Check out the new limited edition NAYDAYA gift sets, designed to add a little magic into your busy mum routine.

At NAYDAYA, we experience the daily grind like other boss mums. Every day poses challenges, and wears us down just a little. When your resilience is low from a boss on a power trip or a breast that won’t stop leaking, energy reserves deplete. Well babes, it’s time to reboot.

We tell our children stories of magical lands and fantastical possibilities. We’ve channelled this utopian outlook into some new delights for our warrior community. We all deserve a little magic in our lives, especially when we’re the queens of the land. 

So mums, we warmly welcome our newest gift sets into our tribe:

Fit for a Queen

This gift set features our award winning Nipple SOS, and Crowning Glory, alongside our brand NEW Vegan Silky ScrunchieTie your tresses up in a treat, reduce hair stress, and look good when you've got shit to do. All NAYDAYA treats are bundled into a beautiful keepsake box. 

Crowning Glory

Crowning Glory is a sumptuous hair oil fit for all reining women. Treat hormonal or tired strands to oils fresh from nature. Argan and jojoba oils permeate this wonderful concoction, treating your scalp to a high concentration of antioxidants and restoring that sought after shine to dry, damaged hair. This hair oil is a must-have for postpartum strands that need a little extra moisture.

Nipple SOS

A warrior mum can’t nourish her babes with dry, cracked nipples. Soothe sore or overworked nipples to a little nectar of their own. Nipple SOS is an award-winning nipple balm, that’s kind to both mothers and babies. Created only with nature’s finest ingredients, and free of lanolin and nasty chemicals, Nipple SOS’s magic is boosted by cocoa, coconut and mango butter. 

Silk Scrunchie

Tie your tresses up in a treat. Sometimes a warrior babe needs to head into battle equipped with the proper equipment, only fit for a queen. The silk scrunchie is quite simply, another jewel for your crown. For those times when the hair needs to be atop your head and out of the line of fire, Fit for a Queen includes a silky smooth scrunchie to protect your locks from tearing and damage.


Self Love Crystal Gift Set

This gift set features our award-winning Nipple SOS, Vagina Victory Oil, and the most powerful healing crystals around, Rose Quartz and Crystal Quartz. A powerhouse of rejuvenating products for any new mum traversing the stormy seas of motherhood. All NAYDAYA treats are bundled into a beautiful keepsake box.

Nipple SOS

This award-winning balm is the reigning champion of the self-care kit. Much loved by a community of warrior women, we had to include Nipple SOS in the self-love gift set, too. Treat yourself to a slather of Nipple SOS pre or post feed, and re-enter the wilderness fully equipped to feed your brood. 

Vagina Victory Oil

Relieving victorious vaginas from trials and tribulations. The adventure stories mightn’t necessarily include the word vagina, we admit, but for NAYDAYA’s community of warrior mums, Vagina Victory Oil is nothing short of miraculous. VVO is rich in antioxidants, butters and oils to help moisturise and protect thin skin, restoring elasticity to vaginal tissue. So when the occasion calls for you to treat through the wilderness, babe in hand, you’re limber, comfortable and ready to adventure 

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the crystal of self-love and sensuality. A symbol of feminine energy and fertility, this is the perfect accessory to flaunt in your armour. Rose Quartz is renowned for its stress relieving qualities, and perfect for all mothers exploring the daily challenges in the magical land of motherhood.

Place your Rose Quartz crystal on your chest to enjoy the energy envelops over your body. For an enriched sensual experience, place your crystal in a bowl of filtered water and sprinkle in a handful of rose petals. Place this potion into the sun for 4-8 hours and allow this crystal energy to infuse into the water. 

Crystal Quartz

Ah, healer of all, shed your positive energy unto me. Crystal Quartz is known as the ‘master healer’, so whether you’re the highest mountain or the smallest grasshopper, embrace the balancing qualities of this divine crystal. Utopian fairy tales are awash with positive energy. Crystal Quartz draws off negative energy so you can maximize your magical moments with a clear head and happy heart. 

As a natural prism, Crystal Quartz refracts energy from the sun and gifts your body with rejuvenation. Many civilizations consider it Mother Earth’s supreme gift, and is considered a fundamental stone in any healing kit. Hold the crystal when taking time out from your adventure to meditate and recover. 



Treat yourself to a reinvigorating experience with one of these lovingly crafted NAYDAYA gift sets. A warrior doesn’t become so without taking time to regain strength. If you join the flourishing community of boss mums who try these delights, let us know. We love hearing about the little magical moments NAYDAYA brings to your motherhood adventures.


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