In those magical few moments, when your baby locks lips with your nipple for the first time and you lovingly look down at them, you start to wonder ‘ouch, that bloody hurts!' 😲

Yes lady, you’re not alone.

Breastfeeding is a wonderful experience for many, but it’s an equally painful experience for many more.

We all know the benefits of the boob, it’s rammed down your throat from the day you start lactating. But for many reasons, by time a baby is six weeks old, less than half of all mums are still breastfeeding in the UK. One of the possible reasons for this is the challenges that breastfeeding brings.

Here we look at some of the common complaints associated with breastfeeding and some remedies to bring some ease:


If breastfeeding leaves your breasts large and swollen, and you feel less rock star more porn star, welcome to the club! If you have a case of mastitis your breasts may be painful as well – a common complaint in the first three months of pregnancy. Speak to your midwife if you’re suffering with breast-related pain in the first instance. As a temporary fix, many women swear by cabbage leaves to ease the pain.


Friction from breastfeeding can sometimes lead to blisters on the nipple and surrounding area. This can be extremely painful for feeding, and signals that you might need to change hold or check that baby is latching properly. Tongue-tie is a common issue that means babies don’t latch well, so it may be best to speak to your midwife to see if they can help. As a temporary measure, a nipple guard may offer some respite from your gnawing baby…

Cracking and Bleeding

Ouch! There is no greater pain than a cracked or bleeding nipple. One of the side-effects of breastfeeding, there is thankfully relief in sight. Our award winning Breast Saviour, is of the best completely organic & vegan products on the market. Designed to soothe soreness and reduce inflammation, it’s delicious ingredients include natural oils like organic castor oil and mango butter, for a happy breast friend! 😜

Yeast Infections

C’mon ladies, you haven’t come this far in life to escape without a case of thrush. Not too dissimilar to the vaginal kind, a breast yeast infection results in a burning pain and may occur in one or both nipples. Speak to your midwife / doctor / pharmacist if you suspect this, there are anti-fungal over the counter treatments that can help.

Women’s Breast Friend

Don’t suffer in silence. There’s a number of helpful resources available for the many women ploughing on through the challenges that breastfeeding brings.

Aside from your midwife, NCT can offer support and recommend a lactation specialist in your area, on 0300 100 0212, or alternatively visit https://www.bestbeginnings.org.uk/

The NHS is always a great resource, and their breastfeeding guide offers helpful guidance too.

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