When Skincare Becomes An Ethical Statement

When Fiona Toomey founded NAYDAYA, it became clear that she had an opportunity to make a difference in the cosmetics industry, and to a community of women who demanded more for their bodies. 

There are so many expectations to contend with in this modern commercial environment. Everyone wants something different, from vegan skincare to organic ingredients, and everything in between. And to that we say: BRING IT ON. We believe the products you use should give you everything you need….and nothing you don’t.

Yes, it takes extra work and *a lot* more time and effort to create products that fit with modern best practices, but who wants to make substandard products quickly? The undercover goings-on in the cosmetics industry quite frankly, horrify us (Read this in your sternest, most serious mum voice - used when your child starts eating your moisturiser, or wants a third story at 11PM after you’ve just opened a bottle of red).


There’s a reason that people expect a lot from their skincare. Who wants to slather something over their most sensitive skin if it’s compromised in some way? We knew that NAYDAYA needed to offer skincare that didn’t compromise ethics or safety. 

Everyone wants to know that they’re putting good things on their body, but mums all the more. If there’s a chance your babies would be in contact with our products, we were going to comply with every requirement we could to make sure our mums had peace of mind. We devised our values with this in mind.

🌿100% Natural and Organic, Always 🌿

We’re all for a game of hide and seek, but not when it comes to what we put on our skin. So you’ll find absolutely nothing artificial hidden in our products.

That means no nasty preservatives, synthetic chemicals, fragrances, colours, fillers, silicones, alcohol… (we could go on - there are thousands)

Our commitment means all our plant-based ingredients are Soil Association Certified, never compromised, and full of the highest quality nutrients for your body.

🌹 We’re fragrance free, because some things are better in the nude 🌹

We don’t alter the look, smell or feel of our products. They do their best work naked - perfectly balanced with the right vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties to support your skin in its hour of need.

As a brand built on personal experience, we’ve chosen to keep our products essential oil free. During pregnancy and motherhood many women experience sensitive skin, and unnecessary essential oils can cause skin irritation. You could do without that. So all our products do too.

🐇 Certified Vegan and Cruelty-Free 🐇

We’re vegan certified, so you won’t find a single animal by-product in the entire NAYDAYA range.

No ingredients, or final products, have been tested on any animals. Cruel to be kind is not a phrase we credit.

♻ Our Eco-Friendly Pledge ♻

We’re passionate about making more sustainable choices – about working harder for the environment, not against it.

In an industry fraught with bad practises, we’re striving for better standards. This starts with leading by example.

That’s why we only use packaging, glass bottles and jars which can be fully recycled. We also carefully select locally-sourced, recyclable packaging components which use the least amount of plastic.

Made in the UK 

There’s no reason for the products you put on your skin to be a seasoned traveler. We believe in local, and are proud to source, manufacture and distribute in the UK.

Being an independent brand, with everything we need on our doorstop, means we have close working relationships with our suppliers, and can ensure their values are exactly in line with our own.

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