How to massage your c-section scar & learn to love your stomach

Hannah from Hannah Johnson Therapies, and Roxy from Roxy Fit Blog take over our blog to give you the tools you need to get comfortable with your stomach again after having a c-section.


Many c-section warriors feel intimidated about scar care, or may even be unwilling to touch their stomachs at all. This is a totally normal experience, but your c-section scars do require a little love to move them swiftly along the road of recovery.

As scar-savvy experts and real mums themselves, Hannah and Roxy have come together to create a powerhouse of information for new mums. Their online course aims to empower mums to feel more confident about their postpartum bodies through a holistic approach to wellbeing, including proper scar massage.

A gap in wellness provisions for c-section warriors

Hannah: Recently I saw someone on Instagram talking about how for a year after their c-section they were in a lot of pain. This woman saw her GP but was told it was normal and there was nothing she could do about it. This makes me mad because if women were routinely told about scar tissue and the effects it can have on your body then so many wouldn’t have to suffer.

Everyone creates scar tissue in their body after trauma or injury and that scar tissue has the potential to wreak havoc in our bodies if we don’t do anything about it. Scar tissue can cause pain, restriction, numbness, problems with your periods, constipation, bowel obstructions and infertility to name but a few things.

It’s so common for women to go to their GPs with problems like this and to be told it’s just normal and to get on with your life. But…

You don’t have to put up with it and you don’t have to suffer.

All of the issues that you might be having, that maybe you were never told were due to scar tissue, can actually be helped. You don’t have to resort to more surgery or medication.

Massage and movement is the key!

Massage is an amazing tool for preventing the build up of scar tissue. It’s easy to forget that your scar is not just the line you see on the surface. Your scar is running all the way through to your uterus, through layers and layers of tissue and you can get a build up of scar tissue all the way through. When we think of it like that, it is not surprising that scar tissue is affecting the surrounding organs and muscles and tissues.

Scar tissue is a strong, sticky tissue that sticks to everything, and causes the issues. It makes me really sad that people have to put up with pain because they don’t know more.

Combining massage with movement and exercise to build your inner core strength will make sure you recover more quickly and in the most effective way.

I just wish this information was given out as standard to women after they’ve had a c-section because there are things you can do to prevent it.

You don’t have to suffer even if it’s been a year, two years, 10 years since your c-section, we can still help get the tissues moving again. That’s what they need – movement, so they are not restricted and pulling and tight which is something I know a lot of you feel.

Taking c-section recovery into our own hands

We are running a course on c-section recovery. It includes how to take care of your scar and all the tips on recovery you need. It will give you the confidence to touch your scar, reconnect with and love your stomach again and take your c-section recovery into your own hands! We know from a lot of experience and with working with many c-section mothers, that you will be able to feel like yourself again and see your confidence grow. 

Roxy - As a new mum myself, I know how hard it can be to get back exercising and feeling confident again, especially after a c section. But with myself on the exercise side & Hannah’s expertise with the scar massage, combined works amazing together for your abdominal & bodies full recovery. This is also very effective for losing that extra weight gained during and after pregnancy.

We celebrate their passion to help women regain confidence with their bodies, and embrace the glorious changes of the postpartum body 🙌💪🙌💪

Join Hannah’s & Roxy’s incredible course to: 

Gain the confidence to touch your scar
You will learn tips and tricks to help you touch your scar and if you can't, that's fine, you will learn techniques that will still be very beneficial.

Learn exactly how to massage your scar
Whether you are experiencing pain, restriction, an 'overhang' or numbness, you will learn a variety of massage techniques to help improve these symptoms. With live, guided massage sessions every week you will quickly pick up the techniques and have our support along the way.

How to reconnect with your stomach & scar
Our tummies are often a source of shame for a lot of women and it can be a place we hold a lot of emotion. You will learn techniques to reconnect with your stomach and even learn to love and accept your scar. Learn how to check for diastasis, how to do pelvic floor exercises, glute exercises, effective stretches and reconnect with your stomach.

Let’s run through your expert recovery plan...


You will get to know your stomach and scar. Here we dive deep into how you are feeling about these parts of your body. Perhaps you’ve felt unable to touch your scar or a bit disconnected from your stomach. This week we will lay the foundations and in the live session you will learn easy techniques to give you the confidence to get started. We will also show you how to check for diastasis recti and engage your deep inner core, including the pelvic floor.


A huge part of c-section recovery is learning how to reconnect with your stomach and core again. Physical and emotional trauma can contribute to numbness and disconnection with your stomach. This week learn exercises to strengthen the inner core as well as how correct breathing can have a huge influence over your scar and healing.


This week we go even deeper with your scar massage, working on identifying areas of restriction and learning HOW you can release them. As well as advising on massage, we’ll show you how to relax your pelvic floor, stretch and foam rolling techniques.

After a c-section our bodies create scar tissue and adhesions. Many symptoms you may be experiencing can be related to scar tissue.


You will see your confidence and technique improve and you won’t believe the changes you will be seeing in yourself and your scar. This week includes exercises to help strengthen your glutes and build a strong posture and foundation to compliment the massage techniques you have learnt.

By week 4 you will have learnt 10 new techniques and have a bespoke routine that you can easily carry on with in your daily life. You will leave this course confident, motivated and feeling better in all ways.

Plus a FREE pot of NAYDAYA’s very own Scar Saviour for you ladies.🤩🤩🤩

Scar Saviour is exactly what it says on the pot. It’s an award-winning natural balm that’s designed specifically for use on c-section scars and stretch marks. It’s therefore the PERFECT accompaniment to Hannah and Roxy’s recovery course, so we’ve teamed up with these amazing women to optimise your recovery.

If you’re a Scar Saviour fan (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), you can now size up and purchase our much awaited larger tub. This plant-based concoction of vitamins and antioxidants is a staple in a mum’s skincare routine, so we’ve made a pot that’s worthy of your bathroom cabinet.

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Meet your c-section recovery team


I am a former professional tennis player and now highly qualified personal trainer, specialising in pre & postpartum training for over 8 years now. I have helped countless new mothers on their roads to a happier & healthier postpartum life through my very successful online training programme. 

Through a holistic approach to your wellbeing, nutrition and overall fitness, I want to help you to become a more confident and happier individual who is proud of the physique and
fitness level you have achieved after having a c section.


I am a pre and post natal sports and remedial soft tissue  therapist and I specialise in post-natal recovery and c section scar massage. I run a busy clinic in North London where I work with lots of mums, helping them with their birth recovery. I am also a mum of two. I run online classes and courses to support women after they have had a c-section and teach them how to massage their scars. Massage is so important and essential to good healing and recovery.

I’ve helped dozens of women to take their c-section recovery into their own hands, empowering them with the knowledge and skills to massage their own scars. Within 4 weeks they have all reported less pain and restriction, increased sensation, increased sense of connection with their tummies and acceptance of their scars. Not to mention the confidence to actually touch their scar!

Sign up to Hannah and Roxy’s course today to empower your healing journey and receive a complimentary pot of Scar Saviour. 


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