How to tailor your skincare to pregnancy, postpartum and menopause

Most women struggle with hormonal skin at some point in their lives. Whether you’re cursing your postpartum acne or trying to replenish dry, itchy skin during menopause, the right skincare can do a lot of the heavy lifting.

Our skin is an intelligent organ that’s great at adapting to external stimuli, as well as internal changes. Many skincare lines cater to different skin types (be it dry, oily or combination), but the idea that we have one skin type that carries us through life is outdated. The body is far more complex than that.

While everybody is different, those going through the key hormonal surges and declines of womanhood will likely experience common skincare symptoms. Check out this cheat sheet full of education about hormonal skincare.


Pregnancy Skincare

Pregnancy is all about prepping. Your skin is doing a lot of stretching and developing, to accommodate your baby’s growth. Moisturising your bump, breasts and legs will help minimise stretch marks.

You can also perform perineal massage to prepare your perineum for birth.
Don't forget about your gorgeous locks! Prep that scalp with a vitamin-rich oil to keep hair healthy into motherhood.

Scar Saviour: This rich but wonderfully light balm is loaded with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients, including turmeric, marshmallow root, and vitamin E. Massage Scar Saviour into your bump, thighs and breasts to allow these natural elixirs to penetrate the skin and prevent stretch marks.

Victory Oil: Victory Oil contains antioxidant rich ingredients that will nourish your vagina in the run-up to birth. Performing pre-birth perineal massages can help boost elasticity and reduce the risk or severity of tearing. Find more information about using Victory Oil for perineal massage during pregnancy here.

Crowning Glory: Pregnancy brings with it those heightened oestrogen levels that bless us with dreamy locks, but these benefits often dwindle after giving birth. Treat your scalp to Crowning Glory, which is a potent blend of argan and jojoba oils with nettle, Indian gooseberry and rosemary extracts. It’s designed to support scalp health and treat hormonal strands to reduce hair fall out and keep promoting growth.


Postpartum Skincare

As your oestrogen returns to pre-pregnancy levels, your skin may feel a little lacklustre, as you experience reduced blood flow and nutrient delivery to the skin's surface. Delicate skin may be sore, stretched or dehydrated after giving birth. You'll also want to add a little glory back to your locks and keep your scalp healthy, as many new mothers experience postpartum hair loss.

Postpartum can be a huge shock to the system. Not only do you have a small human to care for, but the bodily changes you may have experienced during pregnancy are now regulating, which can feel like a dramatic process. Our best advice for taking care of your skin and body during postpartum is to treat skincare as a moment to reconnect with yourself and appreciate your skin for working so hard. It doesn’t need to be a laborious process. A few dollops of your favourite products while the baby’s resting will be ample.

Victory Oil: If you’ve given birth vaginally, you can use Victory Oil to perform perineal massage from 6 weeks after giving birth. This nutrient-dense formula will support your massage to help repair tearing and soreness. Watch Clare Bourne’s demonstration of postpartum perineal massage here.

Scar Saviour: A dream for treating stretched skin, this natural balm can be massaged into scars and stretch marks each day. Massage into the skin after a warm bath or shower for optimal absorption. Scar Saviour is much loved by new mothers who have given birth via c-sections, for performing healing scar massages.

Breast Saviour: If you’re breastfeeding, your nipples will need all the soothing skincare they can get. Overworked nipples become sore and cracked very easily. Treat them to our blend of cocoa, coconut, and mango butter to help them recover more quickly. Don’t worry, Breast Saviour is lanolin-free and safe for mothers and babies alike, so you don’t need to remove it before breastfeeding.

Crowning Glory: Crowning Glory is every postpartum woman’s dream, as that post-baby hair loss can be super overwhelming. Apply a few drops of Crowning Glory to your scalp and give yourself a wonderfully soothing head massage. Let the blend of antioxidants soak into your scalp for 15 minutes or longer, before shampooing.

Perimenopause and Menopause Skincare

As your body experiences a drop in oestrogen, you may notice dryness and irritation. Vaginal dryness is a common concern, and you'll benefit from using Vagina Victory Oil to reduce discomfort. You may also experience hair loss or thinning due to hormone changes, so keeping your scalp healthy is key.

The perimenopause, menopause and postmenopausal phases can be daunting, but harnessing natural skincare remedies can help you feel more like your usual self, and in control of your body’s journey.

Victory Oil: Victory Oil boosts collagen and helps soothe intimate skin, while restoring elasticity and reducing hormonal dryness. Apply 3-4 drops daily, or as needed to soothe irritation and dryness. Consistency is key, so keep applying Victory Oil to feel your best every day.

Crowning Glory: Crowning Glory treats your scalp and hair to a vitamin-rich concoction, designed to hydrate hormonal strands and boost natural collagen. Apply several drops to your hairline and parting, and massage through your scalp. Leave in for 15 minutes or longer before washing. To quickly tame frizzy ends, run a small amount through the ends of dry locks.

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