Tech Neck & Why Our Necks Are Ageing Prematurely

What is tech neck

In an age where skincare is king and we’re all obsessed with natural radiance, it’s bizarre that it’s taken this long for neck care to get a mention. 

But, the tides are changing. Dermatologists have flagged a new phenomenon that’s prematurely ageing the necks of a generation: Tech Neck. That’s right, the time we spend staring down at our screens is having a monumental impact on the delicate skin on our necks. You may even be reading this with your neck folded over like a little prawn right now? 


What is Tech Neck and How Does It Impact Our Skin?

Tech Neck, known medically as Cervical Kyphosis, is caused by the regular bending over of the neck when looking at screens. It can cause a ‘hunchback’ effect and lead to neck and shoulder pain. More superficially, it’s having an impact on the way the skin on our neck ages. 

Though it might sound like an insignificant issue, the average person in the UK spends around 5 hours on their screens every day, so this habit is quite literally reshaping our bodies and our skin ageing.

According to Dermatologist, Dr. Shyamalar Gunatheesan, Tech Neck is causing our necks to develop more prominent horizontal wrinkles due to frequent, prolonged neck flexion (moving the neck forward and down more than we usually would).

There’s a thin sheet of muscle that spreads over the neck, called platysma. When we hunch over to look at screens, our cervical spine activates the platysma. When this is repeated over and over, horizontal grooves form in this sheet of muscle, and we see horizontal wrinkles.


Why Do Our Necks Show Our Age

Why Our Necks ‘Show Our Age’

The natural propensity of the neck to age more quickly than the rest of our skin is compounding the impact of Tech Neck. 


While we’re all paying a lot of attention to the skin on our face, the skin on our neck is taking the brunt of chemical perfumes, UV rays and everyday pollutants, without so much as a swipe of serum. This, coupled with this new Tech Neck epidemic is the perfect storm for premature neck ageing.


The skin on the neck is really delicate and thin. It also produces less oil than the skin on the face, so it’s prone to dehydration, highlighting fine lines and texture even further. This is why many people claim to notice ageing on their neck before anywhere else.


Neck Tech versus Tech Neck

Yes, you read that right. The Tech Neck phenomenon is troubling skincare innovators, and new ingenious Neck Tech launches aim to combat these pesky neck wrinkles that we’re all becoming so prone to.


Speaking to Vogue, clinical facialist Kate Kerr encourages conscientious neck owners to look for products that stimulate natural collagen, to help plump this area that’s so delicate, and prone to fine lines and creasing.


Kerr also goes on to highlight the benefits of lymphatic massage for toning the skin on the neck, “Massage can also help the area, [and] lymphatic drainage in particular is fabulous for draining away toxins to depuff, detoxify and brighten the skin on the neck.”

Your face starts at your neck

NAYDAYA’s mission to end Necklect

Always ahead of the curve, we at NAYDAYA have been on a mission to empower a generation of tech necks to better care for their skin.

Neck Glory is a 2-in-1 sculpting tool that combines the power of lymphatic massage with a science-backed serum, to help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles that may be prematurely forming on the neck. 

Why we made a product just for necks

“Despite the neck and décolletage being one of skin’s most delicate areas, it’s also easily neglected. When making Neck Glory, we set out to create a solution that not only contains highly-targeted active ingredients to firm and nourish the neck area, but a truly relaxing ritual that offers a moment of self-care with the added benefits of relaxing massage and lymphatic drainage.” 

- Fiona Toomey, NAYDAYA Founder


Key Ingredients In Neck Glory

> Hydrolysed Hyaluronic Acid dials up the hydration, providing advanced penetration due to a small molecular structure, helping to prevent moisture loss.
> Ultra-firming active ingredient, MATRIBUST®, restores density and tones the neck and décolleté area.
> Two plant based collagens; OMEGA 9 CERAMIDE® to improve skin elasticity and firmness, and Acacia Collagen PF as a substitute for elasticity-boosting animal collagen.

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