The C-section Massage Guide

naydaya c-section massage guide

Learn how to perform C-section recovery massages, with expert tips from physiotherapist, Clare Bourne.

1 in 4 women give birth via C-section, but so little is known about the recovery process. We surveyed over 2,000 of you C-section mums and you told us that in your experience, aftercare is often non-existent. We've decided to change that.

We created the C-section Massage Guide to help women take control of their recovery, while keeping their scars healthy to promote healing. The free guide includes:

✔️ The healing benefits of C-section massage
✔️ How to get used to touching your stomach
✔️ How to know when you're ready to begin massage
✔️ How to perform C-section scar massage
✔️ The benefits of Scar Saviour

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