There are all sorts of baby feeding tips online, but here at NAYDAYA we believe FED is best, no matter bottle or breast.

Breastfeeding verse baby bottles is always a conflicting debate, but it shouldn’t be. Enough with the mother shaming, the main goal to keep a baby fed.

Any women who is able to keep a small human alive is and achievement in itself.

For those who are struggling, or nailing it one way or another, you have lots of options & support.

Whatever way you feed your baby, it does not define you are as a mother.

So what options do you have?

There are so many options when it comes to feeding your baby, ask your health visitor, doctor, nurse for guidance. Here are some tried and tested by our NAYDAYA army of mothers.

Some might work for you, some might not, one size does not fit all. There is no wrong way to feed a baby.


100% your own breast milk 

🍑 We all know the long term health benefits of breastmilk, however it can be difficult for so many mothers, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t – don’t get stressed, you have other options.


Bottle fed – 100% formula

🍼 the formula they have these days are so high tech, baby will be filled with nutrients.


Combination feeding 

Bottle and Breast, mixing breast milk with formula. A very popular choice for many women who have a low supply, or are having problems feeding

🍑 Pros – it takes the pressure off, you get a rest, and you still know baby is getting breast milk

🍑 Cons – those with low supply will need to be careful as supply can go down unless you are pumping as much as your feeding baby.


Breast Pumping 

 A life saviour for many mothers. This can be great when you want to build up supply, or give your nipples a break.

🍑 Pros – building up supply, giving your nipple a break, allowing you to be more independent

🍑 Cons – it is time consuming, and you don’t have much time with a new baby. But making a schedule can make this more achievable.


Nipple Shields for breastfeed 

If you have badly irritated, sore, cut, or inverted nipples these can work great. Look for silicone nipple shields

🍑 Pros – They really do protect your nipples, and help inverted nipples

🍑 Cons – Having to put them on with each feed. Babies can also get used to them, so sometimes they might find it difficult to go back on to the real nipple 


Donor Milk 

This is an amazing option for mums, ask you hospital about it, some people don’t like the fact that it’s not their milk, but again, whatever works for you!



🍑 You are not alone in your struggle to feed your baby, you have options, seek help, support, advice. Get help early.

🍑 The important thing is that your baby is getting 100% of you, so if its bottle or breast, who cares, your baby needs you.

🍑 There are so many combinations and ways to feed your baby, try them all out, see what works, and don’t beat yourself up if one doesn’t work.

🍑 Be patient, it’s a marathon not a sprint.

🍑 SUPPORT other women.

🍑 Soon your kids will be 18 and this will all seem so ridiculous, just love them in every way, that’s the most important thing.




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