6 Sleep Deprivation TIPS for MOTHERS

😴 Sleep deprivation is NO JOKE. 😴

As a new mum, you will talk about sleep A LOT, and that’s ok, it is a vital human function.

Here at NAYDAYA we want to remind you that you will sleep again, we promise, the nights that feel never ending, will end eventually. Don’t think that you’ll be stuck in perpetual sleep deprivation forever. You won’t, and when you’re in the thick of it, remember—this too shall pass.

Medical experts have shown lack of sleep affects almost every function from eyesight and brain processing, to mood and appetite – We think if you are tired, cut yourself some slack, and recognise things won't be perfect until you are back on track – and you will get back on track.

According to Lisa Artis, from the British Sleep Council "Fragmented sleep for weeks, if not months, following the birth of a baby can leave new mothers feeling bad tempered, tearful, forgetful and depressed," – sound familiar?


Lets talk about tips 


Sleep when the baby sleeps 🛌

Yes, we know everybody says it, and it is hard especially if you have other kids. But even a few mins of shut eye while baby is napping can make all the difference. Did you know just 10 mins of shut eye can give you extra energy for hours?


Your house is a mess – it wont stay like this forever 🏡

It can be very tempting to do chores, wash dishes, do the laundry and clean floors when your baby is asleep. But just accept that your house is dirty and messy, it wont always be like this, take the sleep opportunity – it is more important than any chore.


Say Yes to any help offered – Outsource tasks ☑

Just say yes, even if you don’t think you need it. Anything that can help you get some shut eye, sleep is a medical requirement. So if someone offers to help so you can take a nap – SAY YES.


Don’t worry – you will hear your baby cry when you nap 👶

A baby is like a natural alarm clock for mothers, you are so attuned to them you will wake up. Your husband might not, but trust me you will!


Caffeine ☕

Most experts would say this is counter-intuitive – Here at NAYDAYA we know how tired mothers can be, and if you need some Caffeine – we will hold your cup!


When all else fails - FAKE IT 🚿

A shower is worth a few hours of sleep. If you don’t shower and just stay in your pajamas, you never fully wake up. Once you’re clean and dressed, you feel more capable and ready to go. Get some caffeine into you, and avoid processed foods



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