Are you living a eco-friendly lifestyle?

Are you buying environmentally friendly products?

Nowadays we are bombarded with news report on pollution, climate change, wildlife declines and other environmental issues.

Its hard to know if we are living the most eco-friendly lifestyle and being environmentally friendly, there is so much hype about the environment these days, but what does it all mean, and how can individuals make a difference?

Leaders and organisations are finally stepping up, taking note, and striving to make the world a more sustainable place for us to live in. It doesn’t stop there, we need to encourage people and societies that every little bit of difference helps.

So what can you do to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle?


Keeping up with fashion and trends has never been easier (hell we love a good ZARA shopping spree) But did you know that this year alone Britons are sending over 235 million clothing items to a landfill? Three-quarters of consumers admit to binning their garments, usually because they don’t realise worn-out or dirty clothes can be recycled or accepted by charities. NEWS FLASH, please recycle your clothes, DO NOT BIN THEM EVER.

High street retailers are stepping up to the plate too, H&M and M&S encourage customers to recycle their clothes. They have launched schemes that reward customers with vouchers for donating old clothes.

Brand like ASOS now have a lot of eco-friendly brands & fair trade brands to choose from.

WHAT CAN WE DO – offer hand me downs to family & friends, donate clothes to charity, make money buy donating to high streets, or at the very least RECYCLE your old clothes – NEVER THROW THEM IN YOUR BLACK BINS, PLEASE!



The beauty industry is under fire for the heavy use of plastics. There isn’t a major brand on the market today that has completely eliminated plastic.

Here at NAYDAYA we do our very best as a small company for the environment, we send everything in glass packaging, and our lids are fully recyclable. We hope to fully eliminate all use of plastic soon, we are working with suppliers to find alternative closure solutions. – WATCH THIS SPACE

And its not just plastic – all those nasty chemicals in so many of our personal care products get rinsed down drains, and end up in rivers harming the eco- systems 🌊

Thankful the UK has  ditched microbeads, which is a great result for our rivers and seas, but what else can you do?

Look for brands that offer eco-friendly products, packaging, sustainable sourced ingredients, and who use carbon friendly courier service, Sounds easy right?!! HA!

NAYDAYA has your back on this one! Every single product in our range is totally eco-friendly, from the 100% natural & Organic sustainable sourced ingredients in our formulas to our lovely packaging, and lovely carbon-neutral courier 😊

Some of our fav beauty brands that are doing there very best to be green and sustainable are:

Look for logos for organic, vegan, cruelty free – these all ensure ethical manufacturing process, ingredient sourcing, packaging, and delivery to customer are as sustainable. 


Did you know in the UK ALONE, over 4 billion tonnes of food gets thrown away every year…. YIKES!

There are small changes you can make to try lower this number. Eat your leftovers is one, try not throw away good food if you can, drop it down to food banks, or freeze it.

Have you heard of the app KARMA? They work with food retailers & resultants by offering discounts on unsold food, making customers happy and reducing the food waste.

Try shopping from food retailers that are aiming to lower their carbon footprint, Sainsbury has recently done a big job at this.


🌎 Good luck, if we all make a few small changes we will make a difference 🌎

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