Top 5 exercises you can do with your BABY

This week we handed our NAYDAYA reins over to the lovely mum Kate. She talks to Alice Hancock a pre & post natal specialist trainer on her TOP 5 exercises you can do with BABY in tow 👶 ⛹️‍♀️ (Ideal!!)

Kate is the amazing mum behind the much anticipated BEING MUM FESTIVAL taking place in London October 12. Being Mum Fest is the UK’s ONLY health and wellness festival for those trying to conceive, mums to be, and new mums. You can get tickets here, don't miss out, NAYDAYA is very excited to be part of this amazing wellness event 💚

Here is what the lovely Kate had to say about her experience post baby.......

Dying to exercise, not sure what to do, when to start and how to manage it when you’re looking after a baby 24/7? Yup we know the feeling. I for one absolutely got this wrong by trying to do a HIT workouts too soon. I thought I’d be fine as I used to be a crossfit keeno but I think I ended up putting too much strain on my damaged core before it was ready, which meant it took even longer to feel like normal

So that you don’t make the same mistake as me we’ve asked Alice Hancock, Pre & post natal specialist trainer, tutor and assessor from the wonderful Frame to share with us her top tips including her top 5 buggy exercises that you can do anywhere.

Alice, what are your top tips for exercise while looking after a baby full time? 👍

It can be tricky to fit exercise into your day, especially with a baby that can derail the best laid plans. My best advice is to be flexible. Exercise is accumulative, so try and do bite-sized workouts, you’ll be amazed at how much you can actually do in 5mins!

Also, try and get out for a 20min walk every day at the very least. The fresh air will do wonders for brain fog and has so many physical and mental health benefits.

Lastly, accept that there will be those days where you just can’t fit it in, and that’s ok. Looking after a baby, you would have probably done loads of what we call in the biz ‘active daily living’ - which is how active you are when going about your daily business without adding exercise on top!

What are your top 5 exercises to do with a baby in a buggy for a mum who is just returning to exercise post labour and why? 🚼

I love working out with the buggy! Before your 6-week GP check the best thing you can do is go for short, gentle walks and gradually build up your distance - but bear in mind this is a time for rest and recovery so don’t be tempted to overdo it (I did and learned the hard way!)

After you have had your 6-week GP check my TOP 5 BUGGY EXERCISES are:

  1. HILL WALK: Nothing like pushing added weight up a hill. A buggy, with a baby and all the baby gear in it can weigh a good 12-15kgs! Just remember to keep your hips-to-handles and elbows soft and bent in towards the waist - think good posture!

  1. SQUATS: Park the buggy with the brake on (very important!) and stand facing the handles, hands on the handles with your feet hip-width apart. Lower your bum down making sure your knees don’t go in front of your toes and give that bum a good squeeze on the way up and a cheeky pelvic floor lift, too!

  1. LUNGES: Weight bearing exercise is excellent for new mums. Lunges will sneakily activate the pelvic floor too! Stand with your buggy to your side, one hand on the handle for balance, and take a big step forward (or back - whatever floats your boat) lower the back knee towards the floor, making sure your front knee stays behind your toes and stays in line with your middle toe.

  1. POWER KNEES: get a bit of cardio in! Stand to the side of your buggy, one hand on the handle for stability. Step the leg closest to the buggy back slightly (not as far as a lunge) and bring the knee up towards your chest and back down again. Keep the pace up, but go at your own level. This is great for core stability - remember to engage the abs as you bring up the knee. Progress to not holding onto the buggy handles.

  1. BACK STRETCH: this is a fantastic release for a sore, tight lower back and hamstrings. Park the buggy and secure the break. Stand facing the buggy with your hands on the handles. Take a slight step back with both feet and hinge from the hips. Your arms should be straight with your head in between them and you’ll feel a lovely stretch in your lower back and hamstrings. Hold for no more than 10-12 seconds.


Alice is speaking alongside physios, PTs, nutritionists, meditation experts and clinicians @ Being Mum Fest October 12th – 13th, London. Being Mum Fest is the UK’s only health and wellness festival for those trying to conceive, mums to be and new mums.

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