Stepping out of hospital after childbirth is a time of sheer bliss, love, and also pain in many cases.
Your body is exhausted, your hormones are unpredictable, all this can wreck havoc on your skin.
It’s no wonder that pregnancy skincare is one of the biggest woes before, during and after childbirth.
When it comes to rescue treatments, what we eat and how much we sleep can go a long way in aiding recovery. A balanced diet high in vitamins and rich in protein is often prescribed for a healthy body and mind.
But let’s be honest ladies, it’s not that easy.
A stolen sausage here, a packet of biscuits there, in those early first few weeks and months, its survival mode. 

Skincare to the Rescue

If you didn’t have a pregnancy skincare routine, then now’s the time. It’s never too late to give your body a little TLC, starting with a healthy dose of vitamins and creams. Here’s five of the best for common post-pregnancy skincare complaints:

Vitamins C and E

If you want beautiful skin then reach for foods high in Vitamin C and E. Found in citrus fruit, strawberries and leafy greens, Vitamin C helps make collage in our skin, which keeps it looking and feeling firm. Vitamin E, which is naturally found in nuts, seeds and fruits protects the skin from radical change and damage. It’s why it features so highly in pregnancy skincare products. There’s also a number of Vitamin C&E supplements on the market to support your wellbeing.


Coconut Oil

Postpartum acne may be the result of hormone fluctuations. However, some treatments are not advisable during or after pregnancy.
Coconut oil has come into fashion in the past few years, for the many natural benefits it delivers. It contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, making it a suitable moisturiser for problem skin. Although it cannot guarantee eliminating the problem, it may certainly help aid skin recovery.


Gentle Cleanser

With baby muck flying in every direction and lack of time to even comb your hair, it’s understandable that you’re not looking your best. Invest in a gentle cleanser to rid of the day’s excesses. Use cotton wool over cleansing pads, to keep it as natural as possible.
NAYDAYA's favourite at the moment is BYBI Swipe Clean a gentle oil cleaner which you dont need a muslin cloth to take off - time saver!


Stretchmark Balm

It’s hard to escape baby making without a subtle stretch mark. While there is no quick-fix, there are some great products on the market made for this common pregnancy skincare issue.
NAYDAYA’s Scar Saviour has been a favourite for many mums, its loaded with lots of natural goodness including; turmeric, Vitamin E and Organic Jojoba Oil, amongst enriching qualities.  Frequent use can help reduce the appearance, colour and texture of scars.


Folic Acid

It’s commonly known to take folic acid in the early stages of pregnancy for your baby’s development. However, it is also beneficial to take long after birth too. That’s because folic acid is important for overall skin health by promoting new cells. In one study, it found that it can even improve the firmness of skin too.

Also check out Dr. Arora from @thefacebible as she answers all your burning postpartum skincare questions. Keep reading to learn how to get your glow back and keep that skincare on fleek.

Good luck ladies, any questions drop us an email, we love hearing from you x

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