💪 7 TIPS to Boost Your Self Esteem Post Baby 💪

Here at NAYDAYA we know having a baby changes everything. Those first few days & weeks can feel like the craziest roller-coaster you have ever been on.

Research has shown it can wreak havoc on mothers overall self esteem. We all love our kids, but it can be hard to feel like yourself when you spend your days covered in vomit, and your nights awake hoping you might get a few hours rest, and then repeat it all the next day.

Not everyone feels like a goddess during pregnancy either (unless you are Beyoncé who is actually a goodness) Most of us are waddling around like ducks, frequently peeing in our pants, and emotional to say the very least.

Apart from being sleep deprived and pumped full of hormones, you are managing to keep yourself and another human alive, so you are basically Wonder Women – Remember that!

Here at NAYDAYA we believe mothers need to be nurtured as much as new born babies. Here are some of our tips that will hopefully make you feel more like you.


Get rid of guilt – Wonder Women is not guilty 🙋‍♀️

Please don’t feel guilty about taking some time out to look after yourself, be it a nap, a date night, hot bath, getting your hair done, mediating, yoga, whatever you like doing.

We all need self-care, it’s not selfish, it’s a necessity for your mental health. You need some YOU time – even if its 5 -10 mins a day – create a ritual for yourself.  Ever heard Happy Mama = Happy Baby – this is actually a true story.


Spend time with friends & family 👯‍♂️

Having a new baby can be lonely & isolating. As adults we need adult company & conversation. Your friends & family can make you laugh, take your mind of things and you, trust us it makes a world of difference!

Spend time with your partner, it will remind you of why you made this amazing creature, that doesn’t like to sleep.


Invest in some good fitting clothes 👗

Most women’s self-esteem takes a bit of a hit after having a baby, and that's OK. You are recovering, give your body time to heal. Good fitting clothes will make you feel better.


Eat healthy 🥑

Get someone to stock your freezer with meals, eating healthy will make you feel less tired, and you will have more energy.


Trust yourself & your instincts 👂

Everyone will offer you advice! Pick and choose what to listen to you, as a mother you will always know what is best for your baby. So block out negative energy or comments, you don’t have space for this, you will always make the right decision.


If you are breastfeeding 🥛

Breastfeeding is an acquired skill for you and baby, be prepared to be patient and try, try again. It is a wonderful thing for you both, but needs to be learned. Do not suffer in silence, please contact your GP/midwife or a lactation nurse for help and referrals if you are having difficulty with latching and/or very sore nipples. Problems with breastfeeding can wreck havoc on your self-esteem, don’t let it, get help.


Happy Vagina = Happy mama! 🍑

DO YOUR Kegels. There’s no better way to get your vagina back in shape, make sex more enjoyable for you and your partner, and resolve postpartum urinary incontinence — no matter how you delivered. So get started as soon as you’re comfortably able, and aim for three sets of 20 every day


 Always remember, be kind to you 💜




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