Embrace Your Story - Mother's Day 2023 Campaign

Every mother's body story is unique. This Mother's Day, we launch the Embrace Your Story campaign, to celebrate everything that makes mothers who they are.

For too long, women's bodies have been taboo. Whether we're tucking tampons up our sleeves to walk across the office, or shaving all our body hair before going for a swim; we carry shame for our human bodily characteristics.

This shame reaches a whole new level when it comes to motherhood. Certain things just don't get talked about. In fact, in a NAYDAYA survey of over 2,000 women who had recently given birth via C-section, a staggering 91% said they weren't given advice on scar recovery. We think there's something fundamentally wrong with this statistic, which reflects the hush hush attitude towards women's health and wellbeing.


Embrace Your Story, Mother's Day 2023

This Mother's Day, we are celebrating the unique journeys that make us who we are. From scars and stretch marks to intimate dryness and hair loss. We're all glorious, evolving beings and we're not taboo subjects.



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Embrace Your Story: The NAYDAYA Community

We reached out to the NAYDAYA community to hear more about times when mums felt grateful for what their bodies have done for them. Here are some of the gorgeous responses we received:

Embrace Your Story Mother's Day 2023 Campaign

Naydaya Mother's Day Embrace Your Story Campaign

Naydaya embrace your story campaign

naydaya embrace your story mother's day 2023 campaign

Want to join us in our celebration of all women's bodies? Head to our Instagram community.


The NAYDAYA Brand Story

NAYDAYA was born out of necessity. When founder, Fiona Toomey couldn't find any products on the market to help care for her postpartum body, she decided to create some. And with this, came a brand and community who refused to be shamed about normal body concerns.

The NAYDAYA range is 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free.


Victory Oil

For episiotomy scars, perineal massage and intimate dryness.

Victory Oil is the hero product women have been waiting for since the dawn of time. Forget uncomfortable intimate dryness in 2023. Whether you're suffering from hormone imbalance, perimenopause or have episiotomy scarring, Victory Oil is a wonderfully nourishing solution.


Breast Saviour

Lanolin-free balm for breastfeeding and breast massage.

Most breast balms contain lanolin, but this waxy substance is actually extracted from sheep wool, and many people are allergic to it. Breast Saviour is 100% natural and doesn't need to be removed before breastfeeding. It's also wonderful for helping you take care of your breasts through breast massage.


Scar Saviour

Award-winning scar and stretch mark balm

We all have scars and stretch marks that make us who we are. We wanted to create a product that helped mums care for these marks while also celebrating their body (we're not here to punish scars with harsh chemicals).

Scar Saviour is featured in Vogue, Marie Claire, The Daily Mail and so many more because it really is a game-changer for postpartum body care.

Click here to shop the rest of the NAYDAYA Range.

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