Introducing Scalp Glory Scalp & Hair Oil

Meet the crown jewels of NAYDAYA skincare: Scalp Glory fortifying hair and scalp oil, designed for hormonal strands, to help new mothers get their hair back to its usual sassiness 💪

Ladies, who wants to regain those lush pregnancy locks you could just bury yourself in? No, we’re not recommending you jump into another pregnancy for the sake of good hair days. We’ve devised a little miracle product of our own, for you. *Your guy can breathe a sigh of relief*

Scalp Glory is unlike most other hair oils on the market. Instead of superficially taming the ends of your hair, it treats your scalp and locks with natural, soothing ingredients, expertly designed to make-over your scalp composition. This is a dream for all new mums experiencing the dreaded postnatal hair changes - or anyone who’s been unable to get their ‘do did in four months. ‘Rona, you’re a b*tch.

Postpartum Hair Journey - It’s a bumpy ride *and not the fun kind*

Hormones are the biggest reason for pregnancy hair changes, and postpartum hair loss.

During pregnancy, high levels of estrogen prevent your usual rate of hair loss. After your baby arrives and your hormone levels take a dramatic dip, this causes your hair to fall out in much bigger clumps than it normally does.

This also means regrowth happens in much bigger clumps (baby hair) and most noticeably around the front of your hairline. Postpartum hair loss can set in any day after your baby arrives, and can continue as long as a year. Baby hair, you will be battling for years later, but don't worry, we have you covered. 

👑What’s different about Scalp Glory?👑

Scalp Glory addresses postpartum hair concerns, with no nasties. Many hair oils and treatments on the market are packed with the ‘cones’ silicones, dimethicones, trimethicones, and although cosmetically they can leave the hair feeling soft after use, once this is washed off, they do nothing to nurture or strength the strands long term, and often will block the scalp. 

Scalp Glory is fragrance free and packed full of potent plant actives, and is designed to support your scalp and hair in its hour of need.

💫Key Ingredients for a Hair Makeover💫

Hibiscus Extract

Contains L-ascorbic acid which is Vitamin C, and a strong anti-oxidant. Protecting against free radical damage, and helps against hair ageing. Vitamin C helps to boost collagen production in the skin as well as in the cells within the hair follicle. Collagen production helps to keep the scalp in optimum condition to help stop hair fall, and helps produce strong hair.

Amla Extract / Indian Gooseberry

High in Vitamin C and a strong anti-oxidant. Studies have shown that Indian Gooseberry can help generate Dermal Papilla cells of human hair follicles, which in turn prolongs the anagen (growth) phase, and reduces hair loss.

Nettle Extract

Nettle Extract is rich in the biologically active compound flavonoids. The flavonoid present in the Nettle leaf extract has been shown in studies to stimulate hair growth. Compounds in Nettle extract help to block hormone related chemicals processes which are responsible for certain types of hair loss.

Argan & Jojoba Blend

A powerful antioxidant mix which helps remove free radicals that prevent damage within the hair follicle from environmental stresses like pollution which can result in hair fall from stressed/unhealthy hair follicles or premature graying.

Use as a scalp massage treatment for extra nourishment, to stimulate and strengthen scalp and strands.

  • Using 4-5 drops directly on to the scalp, massage before shampooing, allowing yourself a moment of much needed relaxation and getting the job done. If you prefer, you can leave this on a little longer, using the oil as a scalp mask treatment. Wine not essential but welcome at this stage. Shampoo and condition as normal.

  • Use 1 -2 drops on wet or dry hair to hydrate and nourish dry and brittle strands. This is the perfect post-styling finish to give your hair a drink and sleeken your look

  • Use to tame and strengthen those hormonal strands (baby hair in your hair line). Place a little on your fingertips and gently run over unruly hairs. You can use a small comb or spooly to encourage the hairs to sit in place.

💛Mum’s the Word. Here’s what real women think about CG💛

"I have lots of new baby hairs since using Scalp Gory, it's amazing!"

“Loving Scalp Glory, it is making me feel much much better as my hair is in peak fall out mode, it is a good consistency and easy to spread through the hair.”

“Just started using the new hair oil. What a fantastic product, it’s made a real difference to my hair.”

“I’ve been using SG overnight and on wet hair after every wash, I have noticed my hair looks so healthy after drying it, there are fewer hairs in my bed when I get up in the morning :) I love it, and will continue to use it.”

“I love using this hair oil for my dry ends, it lasts a long longer than other brands and I only need a tiny amount.”

“Loving the new hair oil, it’s really nourishing my hair.”

Get your hands on your new self-care bestie here. 


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