Your Breastfeeding Plan: The Downloadable Care Guide

There are many different demands on today's mother's, meaning that women who may want to breastfeed their babies haven't always got the support to continue this. Busy working schedules, alongside the many other challenges that modern women face, can mean that women don't always feel that breastfeeding their child is something that is an accessible option to them.

Breastfeeding is a magical experience; however, those first few weeks can be isolating, painful, and difficult. Many women sadly feel defeated, pressured and like throwing in the towel in the very early days. Providing our audience with product recommendations, advice and tips may be a lifeline for some mothers starting with Breastfeeding or thinking of Breastfeeding.

We have put together a downloadable Breastfeeding Care Guide outlining what to expect in the first few weeks, some of the common challenges that women go through, and how to care for dry or cracked nipples with our featured product, the NAYDAYA Breast Saviour.

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