Perineal Massage Videos Pre & Post Baby

Think about everything your vagina will do for you in your lifetime. From intense pleasure to vaginal dryness birthing babies – your vagina deserves a trophy. 
Yet we tend to neglect it, especially after making a tiny human.
To help better understand how to manage the process, NAYDAYA teamed up with Clare Bourne, one of the UK's leading women's health physios, to get the full lowdown on how to look after your vagina - pre & post baby. 

Perineal Massage Video - Pre-Baby

See Clare Bourne demonstrate how to perform perineal massage during pregnancy.
"Perineal massage is such a valuable tool for women before and after childbirth
and the use of an appropriate natural oil, like the Vagina Victory Oil, is essential."

Perineal Massage Video - Post-Baby

Clare Bourne shows how to massage the perineum post birth, to help recovery.

"Postnatal perineal massage is not widely talked about, but helping to stretch any scar tissue that has formed after vaginal tears from birth can really help pelvic floor function and strength."

Need some more tips on recovering from vaginal birth? Read our step by step guide on performing perineal massage.

Clare answers all our vagina questions: how to heal, how long it takes, and what to expect....

"Having an oil like VVO to use during this time on delicate tissue is just what women need." - Clare

What oil should you use for perineal massage?

Shop NAYDAY's unique vagina oil - suitable for perineal massage pre and post baby.

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