Post Baby Skin Woes: Where'd That Glow Go?

What's your post baby skin looking like? Acne? Stretch Marks? Hair Loss? Melasma & Blotchy Skin? Let’s be honest, your body goes through even more changes AFTER pregnancy 😮😮😮 

Like your body, your skin can take a long time to get back to 'normal' after childbirth. The glossy hair, the glowing skin (caused by estrogen- fueled blood flow) is a thing of the past, and has probably been replaced with acne, patchy skin, limp hair & hormonal swings. Couple this with stress, and sleep deprivation and zero time for skin care – what's a mum to do?

The good news it…. This is all temporary, give yourself some time, and take a few minutes every day to look after your skin...👍




MELASMA  (the pregnancy mask) 

For those who have suffered with MELASMA  (knows as the pregnancy mask – caused by increased production of melanin in the skin.. AKA dark splotches) Stay out of the sun as much as possible, and use SPF 30 or above, rain or shine. These splotches will fade eventually but it will take twice as long if you let too much sun at them. 

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    Got Acne? Make sure you are cleansing your skin twice a day to help prevent pore blockages. Try a product with benzoyl peroxide or glycolic acid (both are fine for nursing mothers) but skip salicylic-acid-based formulas until you've finished breastfeeding. Your skin will also benefit from oil-free skincare, and a diet that contains lots of fruits and vegetables, vitamin B2, and plenty of water.

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    90% of women get them, so don’t be too hard on yourself, they will fade, and there are things to do to encourage the vanishing act – Exercise and eat right, don’t skip your moisturiser, try our new Scar Saviour to tackle those marks - its powerful anti-inflammatory, and strong antioxidant effects penetrate deep into the skin, helping to minimise the appearance, colour and texture of all scars & stretch marks

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    Also check out Dr. Arora from @thefacebible as she answers all your burning postpartum skincare questions. Keep reading to learn how to get your glow back and keep that skincare on fleek.

    You've got this all under control Mama xx

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