Scar massage videos

An often overlooked part of recovery is looking after your c-section scar...
To help better understand how to manage the process, we’ve teamed up with Clare Bourne a leading women's physiotherapist, from CLARE BOURNE PHYSIO to get her top tips and advice on the subject.
Clare answers all our questions on general scar healing, when to start scar massage, what products to use, how often, and treating old scars.... 

Many women experience pain, discomfort or restrictions around their scars.
You don’t need to live with pain or numbness, your scar doesn’t have to feel uncomfortable or restricted!
Clare takes us through the different techniques she uses on her clients, we look at scar massage from 6 weeks, this is a more gentle approach for early & new surgery scars.
Then we look at 3 months onward, which is a more intense scar massage when you are feeling more comfortable. 

Scar Massage - From 6 Weeks

Scar Massage - 3 Months on

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