Six Gifts for New Mums After A Caesarean

Looking for a gift for a C-section mum? We've got you. We chat to thousands of C-section mums and we've put together our favourite gift recommendations.

Don’t buy her flowers. No, really don’t. Flowers are beautiful and oh so kind, but when it comes to gifts for new mums, you want to be the thoughtful friend. If you’ve been through pregnancy, specifically a c-section, you’ll know just how helpful some gifts can be over others. At one of the most challenging times in motherhood, it’s nice to treat that someone special to a deserving gift – especially if you can’t be there in person.

Struggling to come up with original ideas? Don’t worry, we’ve put together this helpful guide of gifts for new mums, with an emphasis on caesarean recovery.


1. Scar Saviour Balm

With a fresh new scar to care for, scar cream or balm is one of the most thoughtful gifts for new mums who’ve undergone a caesarean. Scar Saviour is a best-selling scar balm, loved by household names such as Millie Mackintosh, Binky Felstead and Chessie King. Designed to aid c-section scar recovery, it can also be used for stretch marks, too.

Scar Saviour is a plant based formula that's suitable for pregnancy, postpartum, and breastfeeding and is also safe for use on children. Featuring a powerhouse of ingredients, from Vitamin E to turmeric and marshmallow root, it’s a holistic way to hydrate and restore skin as well as minimise the appearance of scars. Available in a 30ml tub, a little goes a long way. In short, your BFF will thank you for introducing her to this award-winning balm.

Gift idea: Scar Saviour Balm - £25


2. Fruit and vegetable hamper

Whether planned or an emergency, c-sections can take their toll on your body. Fresh fruit and vegetables are a natural source of vitamins that can help with recovery, as well ensuring you have a healthy start to motherhood. A fruit and vegetable box subscription is a lovely way to surprise a friend, or alternatively you can send a wellbeing hamper.

Look out for fruits that are rich in Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B12 and C, as well as folic acid – major vitamins that are replenishing, help to fight off bacterial infections, and speed up recovery. For instance, strawberries, melons, grapes and papayas – it’s time to load your friend up on the good stuff.

Gift idea: Marks & Spencer Fruit Selection Box - £20 


3. Post-partum massage

In those first few months, it’s hard to find any time for yourself. Give your friend the perfect excuse with a post-partum massage. As well as being a wonderful way to relax, a post-partum massage can offer a whole range of benefits.

These include, reduced swelling as it drains and redistributes excess fluids, and an increase in milk production by circulating the necessary hormones. It may also help with decreasing stress and reducing anxiety. Perhaps best of all, a massage can help relax the body, aiding a better night’s sleep. Now that’s a gift worth paying for!

Just make sure the voucher is useable for up to a year, as it’s advisable to wait six weeks post-surgery to have a massage

Gift idea: Cowshed gift vouchers start from £10 

Gift idea: For a tailored scar massage session, we highly recommend Clare Bourne Physiotherapy or scar massage therapist, Hannah Johnson


4. Lumbar support pillow

As anyone who’s had a c-section knows, moving about can be a little slow at first, while your body is healing. This makes life particularly tricky when trying to feed or settle baby, as well as sleeping at night. All hail then, the lumbar support pillow – or a wedge pillow. These simple additions can make everyday tasks (and sleeping) a whole lot easier. Doubling up for feeding, sleeping and crashing out on the sofa, it’s one gift you know they’ll use time and again.

Gift idea: Support pillows approximately £50


5. New Mother Essentials Skincare

During the postpartum phase, our bodies go through rapid hormonal changes as we're thrown into the deep end of motherhood. It can be tricky to find solutions to common skincare needs during this time, which our Founder, Fiona knows from first-hand experience.

We created a New Mother Essentials set to bring new mums the skincare solutions they need, in one gorgeous gift set. This curated treat contains our best-sellers to support scar recovery, breastfeeding and even help your pelvic floor recover after pregnancy.

Gift idea: New Mother Essentials, £62


6. Helping Hand Grabber

Hear us out! As seasoned pros when it comes to motherhood, we know that mobility can be limited in the days and weeks after a caesarean. This makes even the simplest tasks a struggle – such as reaching to get a bottle, stretching for the remote control, or picking up something you dropped on the floor. This is where the helping hand grabber comes into its own, by being the extension you need, when you can’t bend down or stretch. It’s a priority gift for new mums who’ve had a c-section.

Gift idea: Hand grabber, from £7.50 


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