Motherhood takes its toll on our most delicate areas.  At NAYDAYA, we nourish those nipples and award our vaginas the trophies they deserve. Recover confidently with our range of award-winning products.

We bring you an expert guide on incorporating NAYDAYA’s natural skincare at each pivotal stage of motherhood:

Pregnancy: Preparing for birth and motherhood

Whilst you’re making announcements with ultrasound scans and popping balloons with penises or vaginas in them, your body’s encountering its own pregnancy rights of passage. Most women are keenly aware of self-care during pregnancy, but you might not realise how specific you should be. Moisturising is a must during pregnancy, to help your skin retain its elasticity. NAYDAYA’s range of natural oils are incredible for moisturising the areas you might have overlooked. 

Use Victory Oil to prepare your vagina for birth. Collagen-boosting ingredients provide relief from discomforts caused by hormonal changes during pregnancy. Rich in antioxidants, butters and oils, VVO helps restore elasticity and reduce hormonal dryness. 

Use from 34 weeks to perform perineal oil massage to prepare for birth. 

Use Crowning Glory to encourage a healthy scalp during pregnancy and beyond. That dreaded postpartum hair loss is just around the corner, and the best way to combat it is to keep your scalp as healthy as possible before hormonal changes take their toll. Prevention is better than cure.

To support growth and scalp nourishment, apply 4-5 drops directly to the scalp, and indulge in a head massage before shampooing.

Early Postpartum

Oh those blissful, often terrifying early days of postpartum. You are going through a storm of bodily changes right now, with hormones wreaking havoc on your body as you get to grips with new motherhood. There’s so much joy in those early days but there’s also a lot of new challenges. We’ve outlined some different milestones, depending on whether you’re a C-section warrior or a vagina warrior. 

The one universal product we recommend in early postpartum is Breast Saviour. This lanolin-free balm is a lifesaver for cracked nipples and sore baby bottoms.

Apply Breast Saviour to tender nipples after every feed to soothe and renew cracked skin. This natural balm is 100% safe for mothers and babies, so there’s no need to remove it before feeding. Tip: use as a breast pump lubricant, or dab a little on your lips for a quick spot of indulgence. 

Week 6 Postpartum: C-section warriors

Nourish your C-section scar from week 6 onwards with Scar Saviour. This balm is a multi-award winning jewel in the NAYDAYA crown. It contains powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients, including turmeric, marshmallow root and vitamin E, to penetrate the skin and accelerate scar recovery.

Scar Saviour can be used as soon as your C-section stitches have been removed. Gently apply this dreamy balm to your scar and massage 2-3 times a day. Check out our full demo videos

Weeks 6-8 Postpartum: Vagina warriors

Keep up the good work with those postpartum perineal massages. Proper perineal massage encourages the recovery of your vagina and pelvic floor after giving birth vaginally. 

The sweeping principle of perineal massage still remains, but be sure to use a specific postpartum technique to properly treat your vagina after giving birth. You can find demonstrations of different perineal massage on our YouTube or Instagram channels. 

0-6 Months Postpartum:

Continue using Crowning Glory hair and scalp oil during these early months of motherhood to reduce hormonal hair loss as much as possible. We don’t think you’ll need an excuse for a soothing head massage during this busy time, either. 

Apply to your scalp as you did during pregnancy. You can also renovate dry, frizzy ends by smoothing 2-3 drops over the ends of your hair - wet or dry.

Postpartum: 6 months onwards

This is the time when you hone the skills you’ve learned during your pregnancy and early postpartum journeys. Your checklist for this stage will depend on your specific motherhood needs:

  • Scalp massages with Crowning Glory to combat hormonal hair loss.
  • Scar massage with Scar Saviour to promote C-section healing. 
  • Perineal massage with Vagina Victory Oil to break up any scar tissue. Remember to double check the massage technique for later-postpartum recovery.
  • Topical treatment of Nipple SOS if breastfeeding or if you want to treat your baby’s sensitive skin.

We know it’s tempting to wish the time away so that your body recovers quickly postpartum, but try to treasure those early months as much as possible, achy vaginas and all.

Love, NAYDAYA xx

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