Warrior Mum, Megan “Time heals all wounds but we rarely appreciate the scars that can be left behind”


Every week we talk to women about their story, their scar, and their recovery. 

Here at NAYDAYA we see it as our responsibility to help open up the conversation about all scars - we know everyone feels differently about them, personally we love them, and we believe we should share honest stories and journeys with each other.

Over the next few weeks and months we will be sharing real scar stories from our amazing community of women and mothers, who are incredibly brave to share their stories.

Want to tell yours? Send yours via DM or to info@naydaya.com

Meet warrior mum Megan...

"They say time heals all wounds but we rarely appreciate the scars that can be left behind. I like to think of scars as physical illustrations that tell stories about your life. They represent times both good and bad while helping us remember our strength as human beings.

When I look at my caesarean scar, it brings up a number of emotions for me including happiness, sadness, vulnerability, thankfulness and shame.

There have been times when I’ve been made to feel like less of a woman for having a C-section and that I took the “easy way out”.

For weeks after giving birth I was too scared to look at my scar in the mirror, frightened of what I’d see and the feelings it may trigger. Accepting this physical change to my body has been difficult however, 6 months on I can say that my relationship with my scar is getting better and I now look back at my birth experience positively, without regret.

I no longer view my scar as a sign of failure but as a mark of achievement reminding me of how resilient I am and of course, the day my daughter entered the world.

No woman should be judged for her decision to have a C-section. It’s a huge physical and emotional sacrifice that marks the first of many selfless things you’ll do as a parent."

"It’s important for us all to remember that EVERY BABY BORN IS A BABY BIRTHED."

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