Warrior Mum, Stacey - “A scar can tell the most beautiful story…”


Every week we talk to women about their story, their scar, and their recovery. 

Here at NAYDAYA we see it as our responsibility to help open up the conversation about all scars - we know everyone feels differently about them, personally we love them, and we believe we should share honest stories and journeys with each other.

Over the next few weeks and months we will be sharing real scar stories from our amazing community of women and mothers, who are incredibly brave to share their stories.

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Next up, warrior mum Stacey!

"My beautiful first born Florence was born at 37 weeks and 2 days via emergency C-Section, after 48 hours of trying I was told we had to get her out.  My initial feelings were of failure, fear and panic. I had not even considered delivering via C-Section, I had previously ran at an international level, and was naive to think my body would easily deliver my baby.

I was handed the paperwork to sign which stated the risks include a hysterectomy or even death.  I turned to my husband an absolute wreck, as I’d already been trying to deliver for 48 hours, induction failed, my waters had to be broken, I then required an epidural, and then my body wasn’t responding well to the hormone which helps you dilate.

The moment Flo was delivered and I heard her cry my feelings of failure changed to pure elation. My husband was lucky enough to hold her first and then she was quickly placed upon me.  I remember I began to tremble and was frightened I’d drop her so I asked for my husband to take her back. There were some complications as I heard the consultant ask for some assistance. I was finally put in recovery and could hold Flo properly, she successfully latched on to feed and in that moment I felt pure contentment.  The next 12 hours were followed by further complications as my C-Section wound opened 3 times and I lost a lot of blood, my blood pressure was still all over the place and I really don’t remember too much after coming down from the initial high of holding my baby girl.

My C-Section wound took a good 6 months to heal, I was bruised and battered and just decided not to look at it.  I knew looking at it would urge me to exercise when my body needed to rest and recover.  I now look at my scar with affection and admiration, my battle wound that ensured my girl entered this world safely.  I’m currently 39 weeks pregnant and have more admiration for my body than ever.  It’s softer, stretched and scarred but that is not what defines me. My body deserves to be celebrated and respected for its strength and resilience and for bringing me the most precious baby girls into my world."

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