Naydaya Scar Diaries, meet Mum, TESSA “shhhh because we don’t talk about it...”


Every week we talk to women about their story, their scar, and their recovery. 

Here at NAYDAYA we see it as our responsibility to help open up the conversation about all scars - we know everyone feels differently about them, personally we love them, and we believe we should share honest stories and journeys with each other.

Over the next few weeks and months we will be sharing real scar stories from our amazing community of women and mothers, who are incredibly brave to share their stories.

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Next up, warrior mum Tessa

Tessa is mother to beautiful daughter Clara, and a serial entrepreneur. She co-founded Co-Fro a vegan food company, and Two Influence a brand influence and communications agency, and she just recently wrote a book Wean. Eat. Grow, Tessa is a busy lady! If you follow her on Instagram you will see she has a buzzing account full of baby tips, recipes, and lots of motherhood honesty, we are big fans 🙌

Welcome Tessa! 

"There have been too many things I’ve frustratingly read and heard negatively about having a C-Section, since finding out I had to have my daughter this way (which initially scared the hell out of me too).  But I have never felt more of a superwoman, I don’t want to stop talking about it because my little girl wouldn’t be safely here without it. 

The feeling of failure that is so worryingly admitted by many, and so many women tend to go with the 'let’s not talk about it approach.'

Well let me introduce you to Clara’s Kangaroo pouch!

I will have a very special scar underneath here to remind me of the best day of our lives that she came into our world. We have to remember struggling in silence will result in a negative experience and that is bad for our mental health

let’s be proud of our amazing bodies and what they do for us! 

I used to look at my body in search of abs and an arse, now I just look at it in pure happiness and contentment. 

It is so easy to get caught up in what society tells us we ‘should’ look like, hearing how quickly ‘you will bounce back’ and comparing your journey to others. 

You are so much more than aesthetics. 

You don’t need to compare yourself to anyone, just embrace everything that makes you YOU!"

Connect with Tessa @mrstessakelly

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