Every day, over 300 babies in the UK are admitted to neonatal care. Bliss is a UK charity supporting babies who are born prematurely or sick, and their families.
Our founders first baby was born at 34 weeks, and spent 4 weeks in a neo-natal ward in London. When NAYDAYA was founded, Fiona felt strongly about giving back to a community that had given her so much support during a very difficult time for her, and her family.
A neonatal unit can be a very scary place with a steady chorus of beeps & flashes. Seeing your baby hooked up to wires & monitors is an experience parents don’t easily forget. Uncertainty looms over families & not being able to stay close to your baby is one of the most heart-breaking experiences.
Many parents are left having to go home each day, sometimes many miles away, with the worry that they may be called back if things take a turn for the worse. Alongside the fear & anxiety felt by parents is the reality of a hospital stay that can stretch from weeks into months and the financial strain this places on families.

So much more support is needed to support the families in these wards, to enable life-changing research, supporting medical professionals, and campaigning for government changes. 

When you buy NAYDAYA products, this amazing local charity benefits too - Thank You