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C-Section Series - Having a PLAN in place with @thenakeddoula 💖

Planned or unplanned - having the best possible PLAN is an absolute must. We chat to @thenakeddoula, a trained doula who says being prepared and knowing your options gives you the empowerment you need to feel confident in your birth. 💖 Tune in to see how to make the best plan! 👉🏽

1st Feb on Instagram

⚡️ C-Section Series - The Operation ⚡️

Scheduled surgery or a last minute decision - the typical c-sections follow a tightly scripted plan. Tune in to our C-Section Series on Instagram to see what to expect: 🙌🏾

2nd February 6pm on Instagram

💕 C-Section Series - The First Few Weeks 💕

Even though 1 in 4 women give birth via c-section, most of us have no idea what to expect afterwards. We’ve broken it down for you, ladies.

Check out our recovery timeline coming up on Instagram, for the first few weeks after your C-Section.

3rd February 6pm on Instagram

C-Section Series: Eating for Healing post C-Sections

Good postpartum nutrition is essential, but it can also feel a little overwhelming... We’ve enlisted @lynda.stretton, women’s health nutritionist to coach us through it.

4th February 6pm on Instagram

Stay tuned for May updates...


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