Menopause Symptoms: Vagina Guide

Menopause symptoms: vagina changes in menopause free guide

Everything you need to know about vaginal dryness, vaginal atrophy and other menopause symptoms relating to your pelvic health.

We surveyed hundreds of menopausal women and 85% of them suffered with vaginal dryness. 

We've teamed up with pelvic health physiotherapist, Clare Bourne to discuss the symptoms women experience relating to their vaginal health in menopause. In this free downloadable guide, you can expect guidance on:

✔️ Hormone changes and the causes of vaginal dryness

✔️ Vaginal atrophy and how to treat it

✔️ Pelvic floor health during menopause

✔️ Vaginal prolapse and how to get support

✔️ Navigating sex with menopause symptoms

✔️ Skincare during menopause


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